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About our designs

Most of our designs are old handweaving patterns with a long tradition. Many of them can be found in centuries-old handweaving books. These patterns cannot be woven with the same techniques and materials in modern machines but can only be fully recreated in traditional shuttle looms. We are the only manufacturer in Sweden to weave daldräll in this way – exactly according to the handwoven originals. It is a piece of textile history we are proud to keep alive.

Dräll is a weaving technique that creates a characteristic check pattern. In earlier times, the technique was called krus. Dräll is a so-called plain weave, one of the oldest weaving methods known. Along with twill and satin, it counts as one of the three basic textile weaves. The technique gives a dense and very durable fabric.

is a simplified dräll that has been woven throughout Europe since the 17th century, perhaps even longer. We do not know for sure how the technique got its Swedish name, possibly because it has been particulary prevalent in the county of Dalarna in Sweden. Historically, daldräll has been used for home textiles such as tablecloths, curtains and throws, but it is also commonly found in folk costumes from these areas. The hard-wearing combination of cotton and linen was also used for work clothing by 19th century farmers in the fields, and was valued for its cooling and moisture-absorbing properties.







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