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Åhldräll is a small-patterned classic that never goes out of style. It was most likely woven for the first time in the early 19th century. The name comes from the parish with medieval origins of which Insjön is a part, the parish of Ål. Åhldräll is woven with traditional daldräll-techniques in linen and cotton, and is available as tablecloth, runner, small tablecloth and napkin.

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Åhldräll Cushion, Burgundy
50 x 50 cm
Åhldräll Runner
50 x 120 cm
from $46
Åhldräll Small Table Cloth
100 x 100 cm
Åhldräll Cushion, Ivory (Semi-bleached)
50 x 50 cm

Åhldräll Cushion, Unbleached
50 x 50 cm
Åhldräll Napkin
50 x 50 cm
Åhldräll Cushion, Green/Black
50 x 50 cm

Åhldräll Table Cloth
130 x 250 cm
from $96

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